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How to order

Step1. Buy it Now

When you want to buy an item of your choice simple just click on "Buy it Now" button. Then this item is added to your shopping cart.

Step2. Proceed to checkout

If you want checkout, you need to click on "Proceed to checkout " button.

Step3. Login (If New,please Create a account)

If you are registered in our store, you need only to log in and you are automatically taken to checkout; If you are new, please create a account.

Step4 : Proceed to Checkout

Click on "Proceed to checkout " button, Continue .....

Step5 : Choose the Payment Method

Accept : 1. Visa Credit Card

Step6: Continue

Click on "Continue" button, Continue .....

Step7 : Please fill in Credit Card Information - Submit - OK

Once you have finished looking or filling out all the details, click on place order button. Confirm the order in which you have chosen and also the billing and shipping address of your order. If you are satisfied with everything then click on Confirm Order button in order to proceed to the last step. Then fill your credit card information and Submit. That is ok! we will receive your order information right now, will preparing in 24 hours and send out in 48 hours. Thank you for cooperation!

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